Infracon Merritt Gravel Pit


Infracon offers high-quality aggregates for commercial building contractors and road construction. We own and operate our gravel pit. Our pit sand is clean enough that washing is not required, reducing environmental impact and cost. We offer fine crushed stone for concrete & asphalt production, backfill, bedding and concrete paver manufacturing.

Our gravel pit services the following areas in British Columbia:

  • Nicola Valley
  • Merritt
  • Spences Bridge
  • Logan Lake
  • Coquihalla
  • Hwy 5 areas

We can supply, ship and place materials as needed at your job site.

Whether you’re building roads, dams, mass transit, or producing asphalt or concrete, we have the aggregates you need.

Our coarse aggregates include:

  • Concrete aggregate
  • Asphalt aggregate
  • Drainage stone
  • Seal coat chips for roadways
  • Road base
  • Backfill

We offer base course for:

  • Asphalt road building
  • Foundation for concrete work
  • Unpaved roads
  • Backfill for pipe and underground utilities
  • Pipeline ballast
  • Railroad ballast
  • Rip-rap & gabion baskets
Gravel pit service areas
Gravel pit aggregates
Gravel pit rock crushing
Rip-rap & gabion baskets

Infracon specialize in earthworks construction, offer GPS technology, and top of the line fleets. Our projects include excavation, pipelines, water management, road building and more across industries such as transportation, mining, oil and gas.

With over 40-years of experience we deliver innovative technology and client-focused construction services within Western and Northern Canadian industry.